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If you wake up morning is better to eat 6 meals all day, breakfast and the rest meals one every 3 hours. This way you keep your metabolism high and is easier to control hunger.


meal 1-  7:00   breakfast

meal 2-10:00   snack 1

meal 3-13:00   lunch

meal 4-16:00   snack 2

meal 5-19:00   dinner

meal 6-22:00   last snack


Basic meal schedule:

meal 1: Protein + starchy carbs + simple carbs

meal 2: Protein + starchy carbs and if you want some simple carbs

meal 3: Protein + some starchy carbs + fibrous carbs

meal 4: Protein + few starchy carbs + fibrous carbs

meal 5: Protein + fibrous carbs + if you want  a very small portion starchy carbs

meal 6: Protein + fibrous carbs  + good fat




Note: As you see, every meal must have protein, (protein is important for metabolism) and as the day pass we eat less starchy carbs and more fibrous carbs  (Carbs are most used for energy for the body, if you eat carbs and you don’t burn them then they stored as fat!) 







Breakfast: 1) Oats with nonfat milk, one whole egg and 2-3 egg whites(omelet)

              2) Two slice of whole wheat bread with 2-3 slice turkey with one glass orange juice.

             3) Two slice of whole wheat bread with one spoon honey, 3-5 egg whites and a fruit.


Snack1:  1) Two slice whole wheat bread with chicken or turkey or fish or extra lean beef and one fruit if you want.

                     2) Chicken or turkey or fish or extra lean beef with one medium sweet potato or rice or normal potato .

Lunch: Chicken with half cup brown rice and green salad.

Snack 2: Tuna in water with a small sweet potato and broccoli.

Dinner:  Extra lean beef with some brown rice and green beans.

Last snack:  1)Salmon with green salad and one table spoon virgin olive oil.

                  2)Chicken with green beans and 3-5 non salt olives.



THOSE ARE JUST EXAMPLES, you have a lot of choices just keep in mind the meals to be like the basic meal plan, for example you can eat chicken or beef for protein in your breakfast.


Chicken, meat, fish: Boiled, with steam, in the oven with no oil, grill.

Potato: Boiled, with steam, microwave, oven.

Vegetables: Boiled, with steam, grill.

If you want to fry something, put only a little bit olive oil or PAM spray on to a nonstick pan.




YOU MUST eat your breakfast!!!!!

YOU MUST eat every 3 hours, hungry or not!

YOU MUST drink minimum 2 liters water every day. One glass water 10 minutes before every meal and one more with the meal or after.

The last meal must be 2 hours before you sleep.

Alcohol you can drink only dry red wine, half glass a day is healthy.

While you are eating you don’t drink alcohol!

1 meal every Saturday or Sunday it MUST be whatever we want. Is better to have this meal in your last meal, because that way is easier to control the diet.

Your meals should be small portions (like your two hands), you don’t eat until you can’t breathe!!!!

You must know always what you buy, read those nutrition facts.

Spices, lemon, vinegar, onion, garlic, mustard, pickles are ok.

Try to limit the salt.

Natural green tea helps a lot to lose weight, you can drink 6-8 cups a day.

Coffee also helps but is better to limit coffee to 2-3 cups a day.

NO SUGAR, NO SWEETS, NO SATURATED FATS! (except the cheat day)

Every way of training helps, specially weight training!



You can lose 2-3kg every month, specially the first months! But don’t confuse the weight loss with the fat loss! That’s why I recommend only the mirror as a way to see your progress.


Diet,  from  Michalis Mennoyiatis 




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